Executive summary

Petroscope B.V. is a company specifically set up to do business within any geographical boundary of Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific regions.

Petroscope B.V. is a Dutch consulting company established under Dutch law having its corporate headquarters in Rijswijk, The Netherlands. Core business activities are:

  • Project Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Mechanical/Rotating Equipment Engineering
  • Digital Process Control Systems
  • Contracts Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Financial & Risk Management

Since its corporation in 1988 Petroscope has its basic roots in the Oil & Gas and Power generation industries. Petroscope is a mature organisation servicing clients worldwide.

If need be, Petroscope can draw upon resources made available through associated third parties:

Information Technology (IT) and Data Systems Specialist Support (Rotating Equipment/Process Control)

Our philosophy of ‘Value Engineering & Contracts Management’ includes the complete life cycle of agreements and contracts from initial conception to ultimate disposal. We work both on a corporate level with our clients as well as on a project by project basis.

Vision & mission

Management of both customer and supplier expectations and relationships, control risk and cost, in order to contribute to organisational profitability and success. We aspire to be renowned for our capacity to provide expert advice, personalised service and other benefits that exceed our customer’s expectations. Petroscope applies the highest calibre of expertise to provide its clients with a higher visibility of business risk, improved cost control, more efficient work processes and reduction of overhead costs.

Our Mission:
To provide all the support to our clients needed to achieve optimum results from whatever goods or services they buy. Petroscope works continuously to improve existing services  and to introduce new ones to satisfy clients’ needs. We carry out our work within a clear  and coherent framework of ethical principles and discharge our duties to clients with due care and to the highest standards of professional conduct.